March 2021 College Expert Newsletter

A parent's response can help turn a college rejection into a new opportunity. Learn how to support your student in our March issue. Other articles include: Majoring in the Fine Arts – Deciding between college or an art institute. Financial Matters – Appealing your financial aid award. Wallowing on the Waitlist – What to do when you're left in limbo.
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Ryan Luse in Star Tribune

Ryan Luse is in the news! Gail Rosenblum interviewed Ryan for the Star Tribune article Rosenblum: How to turn college rejection into a lucky break. You can read the online edition or read it in the April 16, 2017, Sunday print edition. Link to Star Tribune photo. Nick Lemieux, 19, of Eagan, had his heart set on Columbia University, which rejected him. NYU has turned out great.
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The R-Word: Rejection Letters and Advice from a College Counselor

By Ryan Luse The dreaded R-word. I am not talking about a rat or a rattlesnake. It is something far worse. Everyone has experienced it, especially in high school. It can be dark, painful and downright unfair. When it comes to college selection, the R-word is – REJECTION. I truly love my job as a college counselor. I’m fortunate to work with students from all over the state, from all walks of lif...
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Opinion: Surviving the College Denial

We're sorry to inform you... When a message begins like that, it's never good, especially if it's from a college informing you on whether you've been accepted or not. Never good quickly transitions into the horror of all horrors if it was your first choice, dream school, as it unfortunately was in my case. All anxiety and cheery false hope drained from me, replaced by shock and a tightness in m...
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Colleges Report 2011 Admission Figures

Looking for 2011 admissions figures?  Read The New York Times article in The Choice blog, March 30, 2011, by Jacques Steinberg. "By now, many of you who are applicants (or parents of applicants) for the Class of 2015 have received your admissions decisions. When The Times launched The Choice blog two years ago this week, one of the goals I set for it was to insure that applicants could put t...
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Colleges’ Rejects Who Made It Big

Take a look at this Wall Street Journal article posted on about college rejections that had surprising outcomes. This article was emailed to me by a parent. Here is what she wrote: I thought you might be interested in this article. While it’s not particularly scholarly, I loved Columbia University President Lee Bollinger’s comment on page 2: To "allow other people's assessme...
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