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College Spotlight and Visits

We believe part of matching a student to a college is to experience the campus culture. We’re constantly touring, attending conferences, and researching colleges to gain perspective as educators and to foster our philosophy of “the right fit.” Here you will find snapshots of our extensive knowledge of colleges—small and large, public and private—across the country.

College Spotlight by Students

What better way to learn about a college than through the perspective of the student attending that college? We’ve asked our College Expert students to share their college experiences with us through these Spotlights.

College Spotlight and College Visits by Staff

Sue and Ryan Luse have attended numerous conferences and visited over 300 colleges. Here they share their knowledge about a college either by writing a “Spotlight” or “A Visit to…” blog. The content of a “Spotlight” is typically drawn from attending a conference, meeting with a college representative, or interviewing a student. “A Visit to…'” blog gives you the highlights of a college visit.