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  • Taking a Deep Dive into a College Website – In the age of COVID, online resources are everything.
  • Majoring in Communications – An option for students who enjoy language and technology.
  • Financial Matters: The CSS Profile – Is this form required for schools on your list?
  • Making the Most of Virtual Tours – Doing college research in the digital world (part 2)

  • How Will Colleges Make Decisions this Year? – Institutions are reassuring applicants and making changes for the better.
  • Majoring in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies – Career paths are plentiful in this popular major.
  • Financial Matters: The FAFSA – Learn the basics about financial aid and why you should apply ASAP.
  • Making the Most of Virtual Tours – How to maximize your online college connections.

  • Making the Most of Virtual Learning – Whether 100% online or hybrid, make the best of this new way of learning.
  • Majoring in Archeology – Learn about a fascinating field that can lead to jobs as conservationist or museum curator.
  • The Language of Financial Aid – Our guide to a bewildering array of financial aid acronyms.
  • Demonstrating Interest-COVID Edition – Tips for connecting with a college when you can’t visit in person.

  • Overused Essay Topics – Many applicants do themselves a disservice by taking on topics that don’t resonate with admissions. Learn which to avoid.
  • Majoring in Philosophy – Skills honed by philosophy majors are applicable to many career paths, including law, writing and some that may surprise you.
  • Before Leaving for College – Wondering what legal and financial issues should be addressed before going off to college? Check out our checklist.
  • Staying Healthy – On Campus and at Home – Read these common sense tips for college-bound students.

  • Choosing a Gap Year – With the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of colleges in the fall of 2020, a greater number of students than usual are contemplating taking a gap year. Read about the pros and cons of taking a gap year and the process needed to do this.
  • Majoring in Biotechnology –  Because biotechnology is used in many fields and because the job market for it is projected to grow, biotechnology is a strong subject to major in. Learn about the courses you’ll take, the skills you’ll learn, and the careers to which these may be applied.
  • Paying Your Child’s College Bill – A few months before your child starts college, you’ll receive a bill from the college for your child’s first semester (or quarter) expenses. Here are some options to meet these expenses.
  • Virtual Summer Programs – Unfortunately, Covid-19 has lead to the closing of nearly all of the campus-based summer programs for high school students.  So what can you do with your summer now?

  • What to Do When Campus Visits Are Out – With campuses closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and with students sent home to complete the semester online, high school juniors and seniors need to go to their back-up plans.
  • Majoring in Economics – A major in economics educates a student about how resource allocation, incentives, and wealth interact. Learn if this major fits your interests and goals.
  • Financial Matters: Appealing Financial Aid Awards (updated) – For the class entering fall of 2020, the loss of work due to the COVID-19 virus may affect a student’s eligibility for need-based aid. Check out the best ways to go about appealing financial aid packages you have received from your colleges.
  • Making the Most of this Enforced Down Time – With so many high schools closed, it probably won’t take much time before you find yourself looking for activities, so we’ve prepared a dozen ideas you may want to follow-up.

  • Spring Admissions
  • Focus on Majors: Genetics
  • Financial Matters: Appealing Your Financial Aid Award
  • Selecting High School Classes

  • School-Year Campus Visits
  • Majoring in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Financial Matters: Understanding Net Price
  • “Elite” Summer Programs


  • How to Ace Your College Interview
  • Majoring in Animation
  • Financial Matters: Understanding Your Student Aid Report
  • Dealing With Deferrals

  • Considering Women’s Colleges
  • The Best Majors for Lucrative Careers
  • Financial Matters: Merit Scholarships Make Private Colleges Affordable
  • After Submitting Your Applications

  • The Rise of Test Optional Admissions
  • Majoring in Public Administration
  • Financial Matters: Early Decision/ Early Action and Financial Aid
  • Why Are You Applying Here?
  • Fall Timeline for Juniors and Seniors

  • Managing Stress
  • Interdisciplinary Majors
  • Financial Matters: File the FAFSA as Soon as October 1st
  • Rigor of Curriculum
  • Writing a Note-Worthy Essay

  • Advice For New College Freshmen
  • Focus on Majors: Environmental Science
  • Financial Matters: Pre-College Legal & Financial Matters

  • Student Support Services on Campus
  • Focus on Majors: Computer Programming
  • Financial Matters: College Choices & Return on Investment

  • Waitlist Purgatory
  • Focus on Majors: Linguistics
  • Financial Matters: Comparing Financial Aid Packages
  • Social Media & College Admission

  • The Meaning of Fit
  • Focus on Majors: Advertising
  • Financial Matters: Free Money vs Loans
  • Choosing Next Year’s Curriculum

  • SAT vs ACT—Which Should You Take?
  • Focus on Majors: Astrophysics
  • Financial Matters: Tax Benefits for Education
  • Dare to Be Different

  • Planning for Summer in the Dead of Winter
  • Focus on Majors: Gerontology
  • Financial Matters: College Loans
  • How to Handle a Deferral


  • Majors, Minors & Concentrations
  • Focus on Majors: Criminology
  • Financial Matters: Searching for Scholarships
  • Understanding & Using Your PSAT Score Report

  • Decoding College Application Plans
  • Focus on Majors: Pre-Law
  • Financial Matters: Filing the FAFSA
  • “Doing” High School Well