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Are you giving your “likely” colleges enough thought? Read our tips for choosing them carefully. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in International Relations/Poli Sci – Degrees with diverse paths in a global society.
  • Financial Matters: The CSS Profile – The financial aid form for institutional awards.
  • Volunteer Opportunities in a Pandemic – How students are staying engaged in service.
  • How Many Applications? – Why applying to more schools is not always better.

After months of online learning, it’s natural to feel a little anxious about heading back to school. Read our tips to ease the transition. Other articles include:
  • Majoring in Applied Math – Why math-related careers dominate top 20 career lists.
  • Financial Matters – What you need to know about applying for FAFSA.
  • Applying ED/EA – Important considerations before applying ED/EA instead of regular decision.

In this issue, five summer activities that will strengthen your college application. Other topics include:
  • Majoring in the Classics – An uncommon choice with a high success rate.
  • Financial Matters – The pros and cons of college payment options.
  • Safety on Campus – Tech tips and other practices to keep you safe at school.

The true benefit of a summer program? It isn’t gaining points with selective schools. Read more in this issue. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in Visual Arts – A creative path with many options.
  • Financial Matters – Staying informed after your student turns 18.
  • Brainstorming Your College Essay – Tips to kickstart the writing process.
  • Takeaways from 2021 – Advice for juniors creating their college list.

The waiting will soon be over. Are you ready to commit to a college? In this issue, our advice for weighing your options. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in Biology – A hands-on field with many possibilities.
  • Financial Matters – Comparing your financial aid offers.
  • Getting Good Recommendations – Connecting with teachers in a virtual world.

A parent’s response can help turn a college rejection into a new opportunity. Learn how to support your student in our March issue. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in the Fine Arts – Deciding between college or an art institute.
  • Financial Matters – Appealing your financial aid award.
  • Wallowing on the Waitlist – What to do when you’re left in limbo.

Considering a gap year? In our February newsletter, learn when taking time off before heading to college can be a good idea. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in Foreign Language – A desirable skill in many professions.
  • Financial Matters – Changes are coming to the FAFSA in 2022-23.
  • Looking to Enhance Your Learning Experiences? – Check out MOOCs like edX and Coursera.
  • To Test or Not to Test? – That is the question, here are some answers.

Which college is the best choice? The answer isn’t in rankings. Read our January cover article and learn how to personalize your search based on what’s important to you. Other articles include:

  • Majoring in Psychology – A degree with diverse paths, from human resources to counseling.
  • Financial Matters: Money for College – Five sources for financial aid.
  • Avoiding Senior Slump – Zoom fatigue and the danger of second semester senioritis.

  • Majoring in Civil Engineering – A field with diverse paths for students who like to design and build.
  • Searching for Scholarships – Online resources you can trust.
  • The Five P’s of Choosing Colleges – A great starting point for family college discussions.
  • Dealing with Deferrals – What to do when a college leaves you in limbo.

  • Taking a Deep Dive into a College Website – In the age of COVID, online resources are everything.
  • Majoring in Communications – An option for students who enjoy language and technology.
  • Financial Matters: The CSS Profile – Is this form required for schools on your list?
  • Making the Most of Virtual Tours – Doing college research in the digital world (part 2)

  • How Will Colleges Make Decisions this Year? – Institutions are reassuring applicants and making changes for the better.
  • Majoring in Business/Entrepreneurial Studies – Career paths are plentiful in this popular major.
  • Financial Matters: The FAFSA – Learn the basics about financial aid and why you should apply ASAP.
  • Making the Most of Virtual Tours – How to maximize your online college connections.

  • Making the Most of Virtual Learning – Whether 100% online or hybrid, make the best of this new way of learning.
  • Majoring in Archeology – Learn about a fascinating field that can lead to jobs as conservationist or museum curator.
  • The Language of Financial Aid – Our guide to a bewildering array of financial aid acronyms.
  • Demonstrating Interest-COVID Edition – Tips for connecting with a college when you can’t visit in person.

  • Overused Essay Topics – Many applicants do themselves a disservice by taking on topics that don’t resonate with admissions. Learn which to avoid.
  • Majoring in Philosophy – Skills honed by philosophy majors are applicable to many career paths, including law, writing and some that may surprise you.
  • Before Leaving for College – Wondering what legal and financial issues should be addressed before going off to college? Check out our checklist.
  • Staying Healthy – On Campus and at Home – Read these common sense tips for college-bound students.

  • Choosing a Gap Year – With the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of colleges in the fall of 2020, a greater number of students than usual are contemplating taking a gap year. Read about the pros and cons of taking a gap year and the process needed to do this.
  • Majoring in Biotechnology –  Because biotechnology is used in many fields and because the job market for it is projected to grow, biotechnology is a strong subject to major in. Learn about the courses you’ll take, the skills you’ll learn, and the careers to which these may be applied.
  • Paying Your Child’s College Bill – A few months before your child starts college, you’ll receive a bill from the college for your child’s first semester (or quarter) expenses. Here are some options to meet these expenses.
  • Virtual Summer Programs – Unfortunately, Covid-19 has lead to the closing of nearly all of the campus-based summer programs for high school students.  So what can you do with your summer now?

  • What to Do When Campus Visits Are Out – With campuses closed due to the coronavirus outbreak and with students sent home to complete the semester online, high school juniors and seniors need to go to their back-up plans.
  • Majoring in Economics – A major in economics educates a student about how resource allocation, incentives, and wealth interact. Learn if this major fits your interests and goals.
  • Financial Matters: Appealing Financial Aid Awards (updated) – For the class entering fall of 2020, the loss of work due to the COVID-19 virus may affect a student’s eligibility for need-based aid. Check out the best ways to go about appealing financial aid packages you have received from your colleges.
  • Making the Most of this Enforced Down Time – With so many high schools closed, it probably won’t take much time before you find yourself looking for activities, so we’ve prepared a dozen ideas you may want to follow-up.

  • Spring Admissions
  • Focus on Majors: Genetics
  • Financial Matters: Appealing Your Financial Aid Award
  • Selecting High School Classes

  • School-Year Campus Visits
  • Majoring in Metallurgical Engineering
  • Financial Matters: Understanding Net Price
  • “Elite” Summer Programs


  • How to Ace Your College Interview
  • Majoring in Animation
  • Financial Matters: Understanding Your Student Aid Report
  • Dealing With Deferrals

  • Considering Women’s Colleges
  • The Best Majors for Lucrative Careers
  • Financial Matters: Merit Scholarships Make Private Colleges Affordable
  • After Submitting Your Applications

  • The Rise of Test Optional Admissions
  • Majoring in Public Administration
  • Financial Matters: Early Decision/ Early Action and Financial Aid
  • Why Are You Applying Here?
  • Fall Timeline for Juniors and Seniors

  • Managing Stress
  • Interdisciplinary Majors
  • Financial Matters: File the FAFSA as Soon as October 1st
  • Rigor of Curriculum
  • Writing a Note-Worthy Essay

  • Advice For New College Freshmen
  • Focus on Majors: Environmental Science
  • Financial Matters: Pre-College Legal & Financial Matters

  • Student Support Services on Campus
  • Focus on Majors: Computer Programming
  • Financial Matters: College Choices & Return on Investment

  • Waitlist Purgatory
  • Focus on Majors: Linguistics
  • Financial Matters: Comparing Financial Aid Packages
  • Social Media & College Admission

  • The Meaning of Fit
  • Focus on Majors: Advertising
  • Financial Matters: Free Money vs Loans
  • Choosing Next Year’s Curriculum

  • SAT vs ACT—Which Should You Take?
  • Focus on Majors: Astrophysics
  • Financial Matters: Tax Benefits for Education
  • Dare to Be Different

  • Planning for Summer in the Dead of Winter
  • Focus on Majors: Gerontology
  • Financial Matters: College Loans
  • How to Handle a Deferral


  • Majors, Minors & Concentrations
  • Focus on Majors: Criminology
  • Financial Matters: Searching for Scholarships
  • Understanding & Using Your PSAT Score Report

  • Decoding College Application Plans
  • Focus on Majors: Pre-Law
  • Financial Matters: Filing the FAFSA
  • “Doing” High School Well