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Sue Luse – College Expert

Certified Educational Consultant, Member IECA, HECA and MACAC

Sue LuseClick for more info on IECAPerhaps you’ve heard her warm, assured voice on WCCO radio or seen her appear on KARE TV? Or maybe, you’ve read her words of wisdom in Consumer Digest Report? Sue Luse founded College Expert to guide students, and their sometimes frazzled parents, through the nuances of the college admissions process. A Certified Educational Consultant, Sue is a bit of a trailblazer. For years, she served the Twin Cities’ south metro community as a high school guidance counselor. Her favorite part of the job – really, more of a calling – was the college exploration piece. In 2001, Sue set up shop in her Eagan home and spread the word. And word traveled fast! To date, Sue has counseled over 1,000 students, including those from Australia, England, Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada.

With a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in school counseling and guidance from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, Sue is well-received across the country. She’s visited over 300 campuses to find college love connections for her students. It’s not uncommon for Sue to begin working with a student as early as 7th or 8th grade. She guides each student – her “ducklings,” as she calls them – through high school course selection; PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep; how to demonstrate interest to a college admissions department through on-campus tours, emails, and interviews; where to sleuth out both financial aid and merit scholarships; and how to approach the many required college admissions essays. Sue is an active member of Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Character Collaborative where she contributes insights as well as gains access to the latest news and trends on college admissions. (See Character Collective Mission Statement.)

A prominent speaker on college issues, Suzanne has been featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, Minnesota Parent, and Twin Cities Business’ Black Book. She has also been heard on WCCO Radio, MPR Daily Circuit, appeared on KARE TV, and interviewed by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost Live and Consumer Digest Report. Suzanne writes a blog on her website www.CollegeExpertMN.com where you can find the latest news and advice about college planning. She is also the author of an on-line college guidebook, Destination: College and the creator of a patent pending playing card game for exploring college preferences.

Over the past two years, College Expert has evolved into a family affair. Son Ryan Luse, a graduate of Emerson College, has joined his mother.

More About Sue

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Learn more about Sue Luse through this essay entitled The College Applicant’s Best Friend written by a student for an English assignment. It is a portrait of “The College Expert” through the lens of a student.

We love you and the help you have provided our children, all 3 who have worked with you so far.